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AOM's Foundation

As 2024 starts, it is a time to reflect and refresh An Otter Milestone's business principles and review how we will build to be successful in the future. As the founder, I have kept my letter in our 'About' section explaining why AOM was formed. This blog will be in connection to that letter.

An Otter Milestone is founded on Christian beliefs, not so much a doctrine but the principle to live a Christ-like lifestyle and act in a way that represents His teachings. As a result, we believe in 2 base principles:

  1. God created free will intentionally. He has not forced His desires or forced the hands of humans to follow the way He wishes them to go. God loves unconditionally and patiently. As well, holds true to His word and follows through with His promises. While God does not force Himself nor forces those to change to His will; He doesn't falter to peer pressure or fads either.

  2. While Christ walked the Earth, he held no contempt beliefs but rather acted with compassion. Christ went where others would not and commune with any and all who would invite Him with an open heart and who wanted Him to be with them.

In this mindset, AOM focuses our growth on building a solid foundation: a 'house' on stone instead of sand. Our progress will not be measured in leaps or bounds. We will review all cultures and living practices as a way to understand and respect one another. We will recognize individuals.

Our goal is to continue spreading knowledge of cultures and the roots behind them. The idea is that we grow to understand each other, not to agree in compliance with all views but to gain respect for one another. We want to showcase those in the community and recognize the positive and uplifting acts inside our circle. The major importance is celebrate milestones. Our second goal is to create positive environments, connections, and memories aiding as a lifeline during hardships of life.

We will revisit the reasons we were established and our intent to take action on a consistent basis. This will help us gauge how we intend to grow as well as what our Mission, Vision, and Values statements are. We will also use these core statements as a way to build our team to represent our beliefs honestly.

We look forward to growing and showing our abilities to stand out and be one of the strongest support systems for individual growth as well as an example in community unity.

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