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Our Reason, The creation of An Otter Milestone

Updated: Dec 12, 2021


As the founder of An Otter Milestone, I have been talking to as many people as I can about the company. When I bring up An Otter Milestone, there is one common question I hear and that is 'why did you start an event planning business'. The answer: for 2 reasons.

The 1st reason I started an event planning business is to celebrate the important moments in a person's life. Life is comprised of many ups and downs; twists and turns; and adventures that are both voluntary and involuntary. Life is so full and complex that there's the risk of life happening to us rather than living in the moment. Many times we do not even know the life we lived until we look back and reminisce about our past.

In other instances, there are chapters that are hard to push through. Where we can lose sight of our meaning, passion, and grip on reality becoming side-tracked or focused on only harsh moments in life.

It is my goal to remind clients to take control over life and to place a foothold on the milestones that life is built on. It is also about slowing down time during special moments and living in that moment then locking it into a memory that creates a positive and healthy foundation. The hope is establishing positive habits of focusing on what matters most in life.

The 2nd reason I started An Otter Milestone was to create a support system. After people create a foundation internally, we then solidfy our growth by our surroundings. The saying: 'It takes a village to raise a child' means more than just adolescence but can also relate to any development. We are affected by who and what we are around.

I want to grow An Otter Milestone into a company that positively impacts and supports its community. The goal I had when I started my business was to both support and create youth programs as well as establish community events that will create moments to live in and remember.

Putting both these reasons together I knew I could contribute creating special moments for others. I enjoy learning about people, culture, and traditions and love to listen and learn about people individually. My gift is having a creative mind that I use to learn what people find important and adapting it to a fun, personalized event. It was an easy decision connecting the dots and forming an event planning company.

I will continue to create these storyline blogs as a way to connect and give a look behind the curtain into the making and survival of 'An Otter Milestone'.

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