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In this blog, we are going to answer a question we have received a few times, not many, but still an interesting talking point. The question:

"Why do you blog on history of holidays?"

The answer: To fully remember and/or celebrate a day of significance, you must first understand why the event is note-worthy.

How many of us celebrate holidays for the fun, charismatic day it is known for without understanding its roots? Some fun holidays have changed the purpose, even slightly, over the decades/centuries. There are holidays like St. Valentine's (coming up soon) that are fun yet the origin is from a man who died sticking to what he believed in.

The main part of holidays is to remember, cherish, and even celebrate key moments in life that can and have changed people/cultures/history, etc.

We also like to recognize and take pride in our local community. WIth different topics determine the definition of what local is. Our blog on Toledo Mudhens* is our local minor league while our blog on Flag Day* paid homage to Findlay's history.

To sum it all up, I'd love to keep referring to a great statement Maya Angelou (American Poet and Civil Rights Activist) said:

* Click on the name to review blogs that are being discussed.
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