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NEW CATEGORY – Local Culture

As we continue to grow and expand, we will do our best to update what is interesting and supportive to our guests, members, and community. Starting 2024 we wanted to include culture in our blogs and interest points. Why? Because most of what we celebrate and use to support guests, members, and community is the cultures and traditions that are around us. Our cultural topics will describe what is local to us. Local will be loosely defined based on the topic point of that blog. It could be as small as the town or as big are our Nation.

What creates culture?

Culture is defined by how life is passed down from generation to generation. This includes art, beliefs, etiquette, slang/idioms, rituals/traditions, and symbols. Culture is founded in the root of societies and how groups of people unite with one another.

How will An Otter Milestone discuss culture?

We want to discuss this in a fun and/or interesting way. To show what ‘normalcies’ people will see and expect while in our area. These could be as fun as discussing idioms and how they came about, and what they mean to understanding how a culture was rooted locally. We hope that our audience will want to participate and request certain topics to be covered.

Some examples of what to see in this category in the upcoming blogs:

  • Slang: “Ope” (Midwestern culture)

  • Ritual: O-H-I-O arm gesture with “O-H” “I-O” call and response

  • Symbol: Ohio State flag and meaning behind it

  • Traditions: Oktoberfest (Cincinnati)

Have more ideas or interest in local culture? Let us know! Email

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