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Symbols of Ohio

Ohio is a state of great pride and a different claim to 'fame'. With license plates showcasing it is the Birthplace of Aviation to being the home of both Football Hall of Fame and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Ohioans have always been unique and have done things in interesting ways. The most recognized state symbol, the Ohio State flag, is one of the many things that prove this fact.

The first unique attribute of the Ohio State flag is most obvious its shape. John Eisenmann was an architect out of Cleveland, Ohio who became well known for his work on buildings and educating others on Civil Engineering. Later in his life, he had the honor of being the man to created the state's flag. John was said to have gotten the inspiration from the U.S. Calvary guidon that was swallowed-tailed shape. The official name of the Ohio State flag's shape is called Burgee.

The other interesting fact about our state flag is that the first time the flag was ever flown was in Buffalo, New York. The flag first waved its colors in the Pan-American Exposition on May 9, 1902.

John Eisenmann put a lot of thought into making the state flag as meaningful as possible. He stated that the chosen Red, White, and Blue colors were to honor the United States colors. The 17 stars on the blue field are to signify Ohio being the 17th state to join the Union. The triangles in the flag is to represent the many hills and valleys Ohio has and the stripes are to signify its roads and waterways. As many have easily guessed, the white circle is the initial 'O' for Ohio state. However, the red is to represent the state's tree - the Buckeye seed.

So next time you are looking at the flag, smile and see a blend of amity for the history of the Union military, the United States, and our spin on thinking outside of the box. If there is one thing Ohians can say, it's that we definitely can be exceptional.

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