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The Full Story

An Otter Milestone® was established in May 2021. The idea behind AOM® formed between 2014-2016. The time between idea to the establishment was used for networking and research on how to create a sturdy foundation.

Image by Richard Clark

Our mission is to provide a supportive service to individuals and our community that will help enhance the positive milestones in life. We will provide communication and advocate the little moments that build a strong and healthy foundation. We strive to support our clients by listening to their requests and adapt with empathy so that our clients will have an end result that will create awe-inspiring moments to last a lifetime. We will endeavor to serve our clients and community in such a manner that they will be satisfied with An Otter Milestone® and will not want to use anyone else for their event planning needs.

We will continually reinforce our reputation for superior personal service by providing respect, training, involvement, recognition, reward, security and advancement opportunities to our team.


Our vision is broken down into 3 focus points:


Building a relationship with our clients so we can provide excellent service that fits their needs.

Creating a location to have community events bringing more attention to our neighborhood.

Advocating and Supporting the local youth with both established and created youth programs.

Our belief is the best growth is through Individual effort that is supported by the community for positive and lasting impressions.

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