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All About AOM's Mascots

As we continue to grow, we love to show our members and supporters sneak-peaks "behind the scene" of what is going on in An Otter Milestone. One of the fun topics regarding An Otter Milestone is our mascot the Otter. Some may ask why did we choose the otter and how do they coincide with events and/or event planning. Let me take a moment to give some facts about river otters and then explain how it fits so nicely with our business.

The North American River Otter, Lontra canadensis, is primarily found in North America with approximately 6,500 otters inside of Ohio. These mammals are versatile to semi-aquatic living. River Otters create dens with multiple entrances above land and below water for easy access. These adorable, energic mammals are very powerful and swim with non-stop stamina by using their flexible, muscular bodies to maneuver any direction on a dime. River Otters do not migrate, however, have been known to travel long distances to find a mate and create a home. In March or April is when River Otters normally give birth to anywhere around 1 to 3 pups.

River Otters are very social and playful creatures. In groups on land, otters are called a romp while groups of otters, in water, are called a raft. They love to slide, chase tails, water play, and snow burrow. River Otters also enjoy communicating with one another through whistles, yelps, growls, and screams, as well as touch and body language.

How does this transfer into being the perfect mascot for An Otter Milestone? Our events are versatile as we love to help people celebrate any event from birthdays, reunions, outings, clear to formal events like business meetings. We are able to adapt quickly, moving ideas around activities to become fun and memorable. AOM keeps the energy alive for each event and ensures pleasing moments for all. We communicate with our clients and understand events are personal. With all of these similarities, it was easy to adopt the North American River Otter as AOM's mascot. We took adopting as literal as we could and did, in fact, adopt a River Otter from the Sierra Club.

Meeting Our Otters

While our otters you will see more and more are on the artistic side we still love showing off our otters on our website and on social media. In September we wanted our members to be involved with naming our boy and girl otter. To which the ending of the vote resulted in these names below:

Female: Oni Otter. Oni is a Native American name and means 'Born on Holy Ground'.

Male: Ottis Otter. Ottis has German origins and means 'A rich, fortunate, and passionate individual'.

As we continue to build, we are looking forward to giving all a chance to eventually meet our otters in person and see how our company and our mascots live up to the character and names that were given.


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