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Still Riding Life's Roller Coaster

August 21, 2021, marks National Senior Citizen's Day. The day is to recognize our elders, those who have lived a life ahead of us. The generation who has plenty of experience and stories to share and pass down to current and future generations.

Looking back on the last century, what a timeline to have survived and lived through. This century has been the epitome of constant changes; complete revision and rearranging lives; as well as persevering through many ups and downs. Those who have lived 1/2 century or more became experts in survival skills and were forced to become adaptable to modern normalcy.

As a quick review, we have created a timeline below showing all the transitions one had to manage throughout the decades:

An Otter Milestone wants to wish our Seniors a wonderful day. We hope you constantly receive the love, support, and respect your generation has most definitely deserved. Please continue to share your stories with us for entertainment, teaching, and bonding moments.

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