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Recognizing Black History Month

February has been recognized as the month we celebrate Black History heritage. Black History Month is also referred to as African-American History Month and has been officially recognized not only in the United State and Canada but recently in Ireland and the United Kingdom as well. The only change in Ireland and the UK is that Black History Month is recognized in October instead of February.

There has been a lot of positive changes that came from the black community. From Rosa Parks to Kobe Bryant there have been many who have been touched in the vast range of interest. The world of politics, entrepreneurs, entertainers, motivational speakers, writers, educators, and many others have been made better for the ingenuity of the black community.

Findlay is a town with strongholds to the community that has organized the Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center to honor the fact of history and changes made. The wide range of history comes from over 50 countries and is home to the Red Tails WWII Tuskegee Airmen exhibit. The Center has amazing, priceless value on how Black Heritage and other cultures have truly enriched America. This is a location that should definitely be on a must-visit list. The address if wanting to visit is: 817 Harmon St, Findlay, OH (click link for google maps).

In doing research and wanting to show light on only a few of many important black Americans, we have created a quiz. This quiz shows inventors and what they thought of that changed the way we conduct our daily lives as we know it today. See how many of these inventors you knew about and discover many more with every name listed.

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