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Memorial Day- BBQ, Grilling, and Fun

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Most Americans take time during Memorial day to watch parades and then have a gathering to do some grilling. We would like to share a recipe, tips of grilling, and hear your voice in "Battle of the Grill".

What goes better with a nice cooked hot dog or hamburger than... BAKED BEANS. While the recipe below may not be 100% homemade, it will definitely be a crowd winner! Try and comment below how they turned out for you.


28 oz Canned Baked Beans, Drained* (we recommend Bush's Original but any will work)

1/2 C Ketchup

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 Yellow Onion, Diced (optional)

Brown Sugar to taste

Preheat the oven to 350°. Mix ingredients in a bowl and place in an oven safe dish. Cover the dish with tin (aluminum) foil and heat for around 30 minutes. The longer you warm up the baked beans, the thicker it will be, so check consistency for your desired outcome.

*draining the beans will make the consistency thicker


Baked beans are only a side dish, as the main spotlight items have got to be the meat. There is an unwritten rule that on Memorial Day all meat must be grilled (we looked into it). Grilling can be extremely tasty (and a fun location to gather and chat) though grilled meat, if not careful, can get a leather texture that is more for looking at than eating. How how do you keep meat juicy?

- Select your Cuts: choose thick pieces of meat (try to find pieces that are the same

thickness and not tamper off) for grilling and thaw thoroughly

- Prep meat in seasoning salt or a brine before hand

- Before adding meat to the grill; the grill top needs to be evenly hot

- Keep your lid close (on the grill that is) and flip the meat with an utensil sparingly

- Let the meat rest a few minutes before serving

Are you a master griller and know more tips? Share with us in the comments

Those who declare they are the master of the grill, always have a preference of what type of grill they use. Click below to express your side of the battle: Is Hank Hill your General or do you reside at Camp Charcoal?

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