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Wedding Bells are Ringing

The month of June was well known for being the month for weddings. As traditions and cultures have changed, so do certain mainstream months. Currently, the most popular month to have a wedding is in September. June has still remained a top contender ranking at #2.

As months change slightly, so do the meanings and customs behind aspects of a wedding. A great example of a tradition is the throwing of the bouquet. Originally, in ancient England, guests would attempt to rip off pieces of the bride's dress or bouquet to receive good luck and fortune. The custom evolved into all the available women would leave the bride alone and fight amongst themselves to catch the bouquet. Whoever was lucky enough to catch the bouquet was said to be the next person to be wed. Other customs change to remedy negative things. Throwing rice at newlyweds was a sign of good luck, however, birds eating rice was deadly and the custom was changed to blowing bubbles or something similar. So, occasionally changing the meanings behind why we do what we do is a great thing, even in wedding customs.

Do you understand all the customs, cultures, and traditions around the ceremony and walking down the aisle? Test your skills and take the small quiz we attached to this blog.

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