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Together We Rise, United We Stand

This Saturday marks the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center; the Pentagon; and the hijacking of United Airlines flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. The deaths from this tragic and horrific event were around 2,750 in New York; 184 in the Pentagon; and 40 from the crash site in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Pics from Different sources, not AOMs

It didn't take long after each incident that people took action. The bittersweet of so many bystanders wanting to help and called 9-1-1 bombarded the system and knocked cell phone towers out. The people who weren't running out of fear huddled together keeping track of one another. It didn't matter if people knew each other or not, they were working with one another.

Days and weeks went by where the Nation was still aligned with one another sending resources to families, organizations, and first responders to aid in any way they could. Clothes, food, water, and shelter were provided and emergency points were set up that resulted in finding 18 survivors from rubble of the collapsed towers in New York City. It took 9 months with the help of volunteers, city workers, and multiple companies before the 1.8 million tons of debris and wreckage were cleaned.

Pics from Different sources not AOMs

No matter the skill level, age, or distance citizens were from NYC, Washington D.C., or PA people found a way to participate and show support. Donations were given to families of victims to help with funeral costs; non-profits were created to fund counseling, and government programs were established to supply medical needs. Kids would send letters of condolences to families as well as thank you cards to first responders and volunteers. Whatever way to unite and build- citizens were there.

There is no doubt that without every hand being in, the devastating blow would have been a lot harder and longer to recoup from. If it weren't for people of different walks and opinions working together with one goal in mind, there may have been no end in sight. People were not required to help though they freely offered for no gain or recognition. For this, peace and transition were smoother to find.

We want to take time to remember the camaraderie culture the Nation, as a whole, took on 9/11/2001. It took the whole Nation working together putting aside the pain, anger, confusion, and all other emotions to work with each other. In this attitude, we want to celebrate those who supported many while remembering and honoring the souls who were lost that day. We want to continue the mindset and vision that communities build people and service of one another is ultimately the best way to persevere.

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