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The Unexpected Twist

This weekend's blog is about an interesting change of events. I had scheduled to discuss experiences being at Oktoberfest (if you went, I hope you had a fun time, and please comment below about it) though life changed my plans for me. I know I am not the only one this happens to and from an event planning point of view, I wanted to create a blog on how we work with this.

Some goals are changed, or adapted, expectantly with topics such as budgets. It is an important step to bring your goals to the table so that a planner can discuss why they are goals. That way when budget plays a factor the true reason for the goal is the focal point to help in adjustments and still accomplish the goal.

Of course, planning doesn't come without the surprises that can be assumed for consideration. The biggest contributor to this topic is the weather. If there is an outdoor activity having a 'plan B' is almost a necessity. Whether that is putting up tents; having access to a building on grounds; or pre-scheduled raincheck date.

Finally, we have unexpected emergency conflicts. The majority of the time this deals with health and safety issues. These issues always take priority to what originally was planned. They are more challenging due to being a case-by-case scenario that no amount of planning can fully prepare for. What I do as a planner is be mindful and give the correct amount of respect to the emergency; communicate with those involved and be sensitive to the needs. Depending on the emergency; plans can be as simple as rescheduling clear to canceling.

Our goal is no matter how smooth or interesting an event schedule becomes, we are there to guide clients through their event to make it memorable. In the rare event that events are canceled, we will be there to support the client and help in almost any way that we can. The vision of our business was to be there for our client, community, and our team. We will do what we can to create positivity and an atmosphere for growth.

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