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The 1st Man in Our Lives

The 3rd Sunday in June is reserved for the Fathers in the world. Fathers consist of men that take on the responsibility of being around and supporting children in their lives. So, when we discuss fathers we are talking about biological, step, adopted, or a male role model. Men have a special, unique bond with adolescents that impact their lives in a way females are unable to compete with. With the addition of a team effort from both mom and dad, kids grow to be well versed and capable to take on the world! So, how does a father figure create a special bond and are important to children?

Science has taken more interest in learning about development and what causes positive changes inside kids. Part of this is that Scientists have been studying what role a father plays in this development and labeled their study the 'Father Effect'. Children that have active and positively-engaged fathers in their lives have a higher chance of:

  • Using more vocabulary and being more vocal

  • Being better in Math and Reading

  • Having a higher IQ

  • Establishing problem-solving skills

  • Deciphering emotional intelligence

  • Creating healthy and stable relationships

  • Maintaining financial stability

  • Instilling independence

  • Becoming more social and adapting to social cues

  • Being confident in themselves

  • Resisting peer pressure or breaking under stress/pressure

The difference a dad makes in a child's life also can be specified to their son and/or daughter. While a loving, involved father is active in his daughter's life the effects can be:

  • Creating a benchmark for what a future S/O should be

  • Being more versatile and taking educated risks

  • Holding a body positive mindset

  • Lowering the chances of a teen pregnancy

Boys with positive father figures can be affected by:

  • Controlled behaviors and emotions

  • Learn male roles and how to treat their future S/O

  • Become more attention focus and goal-oriented

  • Establishing time management skills

  • Sharpening Spatial Awareness and Physical Development

  • Learning the definition of respectful gentlemen

Where does this start? When father figures create bonding time with the kids. Scientists have stated the use of time is highly important- quality over quantity. The fathers who take time to brush their daughters' hair or throw a ball around with their sons, even if it's only 10 minutes. The time of interacting stands out more than watching a TV show together. When the focus point is on the child is how information and development grow. Quality time becomes more beneficial with fathers taking opportunities to be involved in what their kids enjoy and support those interests; A son taking ballet or a daughter learning on a gun range as some examples.

What about those who are unable to physically be present? Scientists have studies that show any signs of a father taking extra effort to connect can still be beneficial to the child's development. Fathers who live in different locations can send letters, emails, texts, and birthday cards showing the child they are still supported and available for their kids. Other options are keeping a calendar of events to attend or setting time aside to visit or go on trips together.

To all the fathers and father figures who love and support their kids, we wish you a wonderful Father's Day. You guys truly rock and are a huge influence! The support and dedication you give don't go unnoticed to those it matters most to, the children. We appreciate your role in creating positive outcomes in bright futures for generations to come.

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