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So many places to go and things to see TODAY

Summer is still here and our area is getting as many events in as possible before it ends. Many in our area have plenty of fun events to attend and choose from, or if you like mini-adventures, participate in all of them!

One event that Dustin and I have in the past been personally involved in was the Farmer Merchants Picnic, in Ada. Yes, Dustin and I would march in the Main Street parade they would move to Ada's park, and all bands that marched in the parade would play the National Anthem to kick off the events. There is plenty to do and see at this picnic! The nearby communities come together to show off their business and crafts. Kids have rides and games and of course the "fair-style" food! Performers show up and interact with crowds or perform on the stage.

Another event, that started last night, is the Arlington Village Festival. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities and fun to be had. The K-9 unit will have a demonstration of their skills with life flight making a stop as well. Wrapping up the festival will be a Josh Melton concert that is free to watch.

If these two aren't enough to decide from, McComb Cookie Festival also is an option. Money from this event is cycled back into the community and is sponsored by the McComb Community Partnership. The festival will have a fishing derby, car show, inflatables and games, and yes- FOOD. Like performers? There will be a magician, Joel Starkey, and the Hen House performing. After all the excitement what better way to end the day with a relaxing free movie and popcorn also provided at the McComb Cookie Festival.

If movies are your thing, take a hint from the movie "Up" and come see the Hot Air Balloons at Flag City Balloonfest, in Findlay. There will be Hot Air balloon rides and inflatables full of air on the ground if your feet prefer land more. Pilots will be there for autographs and balloons will be in the air and landing. At night, weather permitting is a glow show where balloons will be lighting up while on the ground. There wouldn't be a festival without rides, games, a petting zoo, and crafts! Plenty of food and entertainment: Cherry Bombs and Electrik Circus.

Whichever event your pick or brave the road-tripping to attend multiple there is one thing in common; plenty of fun and memories to be had! Look up in the air to see the balloons, get a lazy day fishing in, see a concert, and support a community by buying local. Some of these events a more than one day, so be sure to look up these events and schedule what you would like to see. Enjoy the weather and grab your friends. Share a pic or two let us know what you enjoyed most!

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