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Sales, Sales, and More Sales!

The busiest day in retail is the day after Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday. This day is a shoppers dream and a retail worker's worst nightmare! Once Thanksgiving ends, the winter holiday (shopping) season unofficially begins.

Here are some tips about shopping this weekend:

  • Review the store circulars to plan your day.

    • Gone are the days of going to the store and looking for the paper circulars. Almost all stores have their circulars posted online on their website to check there.

  • Expect long lines at the checkout.

    • Since this is the busiest shopping day of the year there will be a lot of people shopping so be prepared to wait longer than normal in the checkout lines.

  • Shop with a friend.

    • First and foremost, shopping with a friend is safer. They also can serve as your second set of hands if you need help carrying your stash!

  • Make a budget.

    • If it's hard for you to not overspend, make a budget.

  • Scan items with smartphones and apps.

    • Did you know that some in-store and online prices are different? Before checking out, scan the barcode of your item with the app or even apps of other stores to see if you're getting the best price.

The Saturday after Black Friday, is known as Small Business Saturday. This encourages shoppers to shop at local stores to show support your local businesses. These businesses, especially now, need as much support as we can give. Think about buying your gifts, snacks, and more, at local stores and businesses.

Of course if you're not an in-store shopper, no worries, the best online shopping day will be on Monday, known as Cyber Monday. Many stores have even extended this to Cyber Week so people don't overload websites with traffic and crash websites. Before buying anything online look for coupon codes and free shipping. Be sure to check your spam email folder too, as lots of companies will be sending emails for great deals straight to your email!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you shop smarter this holiday season!

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