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Recognizing Hardships

We at An Otter Milestone would like to take time to recognize that September 5th- September 11, 2021, is National Suicide Prevention Week.

At first, we were really wanting to review if this was a topic that our company wanted to highlight in a blog as our mission is to focus on the special moments, the milestones, that truly get overlooked yet are the cornerstone of everyone's life. This is when we noticed they go hand in hand and are important to bring awareness by supporting our community and taking out the taboo feeling of suicide awareness.

While no one at AOM has the qualifications to help those suffering nor has the full understanding of why these emotions arise, we want to show our support to those who suffer through a hard and ugly internal war yet have the courage and strength to survive. There are multiple ways to take a baby step away from the hardships. One way An Otter Milestone wishes to bring awareness and support is by helping those to focus on 1 small moment, 1 small milestone focusing on what is good and positive in the world that makes life sweeter and lighten the burden. This is where our dedication and passion are set up in our mission: for individuals, our team, and our community.

A few years ago, I personally saw 2 comic strips that hit this topic with thoughts to contemplate and really took heart to the situation that I, personally, would like to share:

The first here is a comic that was written by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by J.P. Mayer Titled "Superman: Grounded"

The last being this animated version of Deadpool #20:

Our final message for Suicide Prevention Awareness is that with Suicide being the 10th leading cause of deaths in America and in 2019 1.38 Million suicide attempts* happened; this is not a lonely, solitary action. Those who are afflicted with thoughts of suicide, you are not alone. This world can be hard and cold but everyone has a place and you are needed to fill yours. Continue to search for what will help you past a temporary emotion/phase/stage in your life. The true fact is you are needed.

*Statistics found at:

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