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Oops! We Missed National Dog Day!!

Did you miss National Dog Day on Thursday like we did? Oops!! Our fluffernoodle won't mind that we waited until the weekend to celebrate!

Our Mutt Mimosa

So how did the dog become the man's best friend?

When humans started settlements they needed permanent food and human waste sites. These sites became perfect places for animals to scavenge for food. It is believed that the at time, wolves, from which dogs evolved, learned to tolerate humans because they were contributing to the dump sites keeping wolves fed. Humans would share with the wolves thus teaching them how to beg for scraps. Overtime the relationship became more and more casual.

Exactly when, how, and where still is heavily debated.

What I do know, is that our dog, Mimosa, a Bassett Hound, Pit Bull, and Boxer mix, is very loyal, smart, and rules the roost. She has her own toys, her own spot on the couch which includes "pillow mountain," gets lots of treats, loves naps, and craves attention when she's awake.

Mimosa Loves Blankets

At An Otter Milestone, we hope that you are able to spend a little extra time this weekend with your dog or relive some of the great memories you had with him or her if he or she is in puppy heaven.

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1 Comment

Sherry Hintz
Sherry Hintz
Aug 28, 2021

Dogs are the true definition when it comes to unconditional love. My Great Dane, Gemma, used to sleep with my every night... until around 3 months after adopting her, I sadly discovered my body changed and I had become allergic to her. Even though she was kicked out of the bedroom, every morning I wake up to her greeting me at the bedroom door. My shadow has never looked so lovely!

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