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Memorial Day - A Day of Remembering the Fallen

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Memorial Day is recognized on the Last Monday in May. In 2021, we celebrate Memorial Day May 31st. The day is to honor US military men and woman who have passed away while in combat.

The first war where our Nation lost hundreds of thousands of lives was the Civil War. Honoring those who lost their lives, a group of former slaves started a tradition recognizing the fallen soldiers and called it Decoration Day. Decoration Day was an event where Americans would visit graves during the springtime to lay flowers in honor of those that sacrificed their lives to change America’s government for future generations.

In 1966 the federal government established Waterloo, New York as the birthplace of Memorial Day. This decision was based on the group of former enslaved African Americans who originally celebrated in Waterloo on May 5, 1866. On May 5, 1868 John A Logan made an Order to remember the fallen annually on May 30th.

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act stated that Memorial Day would be the last Monday of May to create a three-day weekend. The law went into effect, and officially changed Decoration Day to Memorial Day, in 1971 declaring it a Federal holiday.

An Otter Milestone would like to show our appreciation not only to the Fallen but the family, friends, and loved ones who keep them alive by sharing their lives with the community. We would love to give our community the ability to honor our local heroes. Please feel free to comment below any information you would like to share in memory of your loved one(s).

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Memorial Day

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