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How America Met her Mother

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Did you know that One of Ohio's nicknames is "The Mother of the Presidents". This is because Ohio is where most Presidents resided from. In a total of 8 Presidents, the only state that is "tied" with the most Presidents residing from it is Virginia.

Presidents' Day was federally declared a holiday in 1879 and in 1986 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill where Presidents' Day was moved to Monday. While at first the holiday was created to celebrate the birthdays of George Washington and adding Abraham Lincoln, the holiday moved to being more of a consumer sale promotion- aiding the move of US economy.

With Ohio being tied in 1st place for homing the most Presidents, we want to break down who they are and what they are best known for.


Coinciding Sessions

Birth/ Death

Ohio Location

Notable event

William Henry Harrison

9th, 30 days

2/9/1773 - 4/4/1841

North Bend

Dying after only 30 days in Office from pneumonia.

Ulysses S. Grant

18th, 2 terms

4/27/1822 - 7/23/1885

Pleasant Point

Union Side Victories in the Civil War: 3 locations, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, and Overland Campaigns

Rutherford B. Hayes

19th, 1 term

10/4/1822 - 1/17/1893


Overseeing the completion of reconstructing our Nation after the Civil War

James Garfield

20th, 6 months

11/19/1813 - 9/19/1881

Orange Township, now Moreland Hills

Assassinated by Charles J. Guiteau for imagined political debt. Advocated for agricultural & Civil Rights for African Americans.

Benjamin Harrison

23rd, 1 term

8/20/1833 - 9/19/1901

North Bend

An American Lawyer, working on 2 economic elements: McKinley Tariff & Sherman Antitrust Act

William McKinley

25th, 1 term

1/29/1843 - 9/14/1901

Niles & Canton

Assassinated by Leon Czolgosz who thought McKinley was head of a corrupted government. Known for annexing Puerto Rico, Guam, the Philippines and Hawaii.

William Howard Taft

27th, 1 term

9/15/1857 - 3/8/1930


Only President to serve on the Supreme Court after leaving office.

Warren Harding

29th, 1/2 term

11/2/1865 - 8/2/1923


Halted the arms race in production on large naval vessels. It is believed Harding died from a Heart Attack that was caused from a stroke. There is also a conspiracy theory that he was poisoned by his wife.

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