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Happy Birthday, USMC

The Marine Corps has a rich history in the establishment and maintenance of the United States of America. As the 4th oldest branch of the military, the United States Marines have some respectful highlights to create a small fact sheet.

“Birth” year: November 10, 1775

“Birth” place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Tun Tavern

Original Name: Continental Marines

Purpose: Landing troops for the Continental Navy


Original around 1779- “A Few Good Men”

1883- “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful- Faithful to God, Country, Family and the Corps)

Official Hymn: “Marines’ Hymn”

Music originated from 1867 by Jacques Offenbach

Colors: Scarlet and Gold (Forest Green honorable mention)

*Blue Dress Uniform

Major Conflicts to mention:

Mexican-American War “The Halls of Montezuma”

American Civil War

Spanish-American War/Philippine Insurrection

World War I

The Banana Wars

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War

*Lebanon (highest peacetime loss to the Marines)

Persian Gulf War

Iraq (Operation Desert Storm)/Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom)

Special Notes:

  • Beginnings came out of need from the American Revolutionary War. The Continental the Marines were disbanded in April 1783 and re-from July 11, 1798.

  • Victory in Japan during WWII was due to US Marines having unbreakable codes to communicate with the help of Navajo Code Talkers.

  • The largest all-marine battle was Iwo Jima. Operation Detachment was set up to capture the entire island for the use of airfields and staging to attack the Japanese. “Uncommon valor was a common virtue” attitude led to victory.

  • In the Korean War, the Marines were the first to promote an animal to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Sgt. Reckless was a Mongolian mare originally named Ah-Chim-Hai (Flame-of-the-Morning) who was a racehorse from Seoul. The filly was sold to Lieutenant Eric Pedersen as a workhorse to carry ammunition. Reckless was named for her job of transporting recoilless rifles (aka reckless rifles). Reckless was promoted to Staff Sergeant on April 10, 1954.

Nicknames: Most famous and reputable is the term ‘Devil Dogs’. This was given to the Marines by the Germans during WWI. The Germans called them “Teufelhunde” due to the US Marines reputation of being the first to fight with battle cries such as “Retreat hell! We just got here!” and “Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?” Other nicknames used: Leathernecks, Gyrenes (1st intended as a derogatory statement), Doughboys, Jarhead

The Marine Elite Force:

Marine Raiders, Force RECON units

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