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Congrats, Tara!

Tara had a surprise party yesterday for attaining her Human Services Associates!

On Monday, April 11 Tara closed her books for her last day at Indiana Wesleyan University. She received her associates in Human Services and is looking into using this milestone to receive county work and support her next milestone. Tara has already been accepted to continue her Bachelor's at Indiana Wesleyan University for Social Work in October.

Her long-term goal is to attain knowledge and experience, gain her Master's, and open up her own practice. Tara is doing an amazing job working on each milestone, taking her long-term goal and breaking it into short-term goals to execute each step for a solid foundation. Tara has a supporting family that is helping her along and is confident she is doing everything right and will most definitely succeed in achieving her goals.

Keep the work up and steps in line with your desire, Tara. You are doing a marvelous job!

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