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A Birthday Winner!

As the owner of An Otter Milestone, I cannot express how thankful I am for having Dustin a part of the An Otter MIlestone team! He has been an instrumental part for YEARS. Dustin first found out I was trying to start my own business in event planning. I have always enjoyed planning events and knew I would like to do it as a hobby but never expected to create a business from it. The first time Dustin saw potential was when I assisted our high school class create a fundraiser for one of our own. When I stated I was working on a business, he volunteered to help with no propping, suggesting, or asking on my end. It was amazing to have someone so supportive and have such a high belief in my abilities that has meant so much to me.

So, it is with great honor that I get to make a shout-out to such an awesome person, teammate, and friend. I hope your birthday goes off without a hitch and you have plenty of activities you enjoy and memories to last! May this year be full of splendor and excitement. I'm very proud to have you on my team and look forward to all the fun events we will continue to do.

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