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2021 Reflection and 2022 Projection

2021 has been a huge year full of building, learning, and expanding. We have hit a lot of milestones and have room for improvement. For those who are interested in watching our notes, I wanted to sit down and do a quick run-through of our beginnings and ideas for next year.

To summarize, below are some major milestones AOM has achieved in 2021:

  • In May, An Otter Milestone was licensed and registered through Ohio State as an LLC. This is great even before registering, we did change our name and mascot to fit socializing better.

  • We had our 1st ever Member-Exclusive event in August. The picnic was fun and brought members together. We had trophies for the cornhole tournament and plenty of events and food to be had.

  • Our website was opened and began our communication with weekly blogs. The topics ranged in all An Otter Milestone focuses in: Events, Traditions, and Local/Regional topics. We started a side portion of Personal Shout-outs so our community could recognize one another.

  • We currently have 25 subscribers to our website; 41 followers on our Facebook page; and 18 followers on Instagram.

  • We served 1 client and participated in 3 events

  • Our biggest community event was the FOP Findlay Halloween Parade.

Our Goals for 2022 are:

  • Have 150 subscribers to our website

  • Serve at least 12 clients at their events

  • Continue our Annual Cornhole Tournament

  • Participate in this year's Halloween Parade

  • More community outreach/interaction with personal blogs; shout-outs; community events; and raising local/regional awareness

  • Have more tools in our arsenal that will help lift spirits and make events more memorable

What are we bringing new to 2022:

Exciting news- we will be doing a Birthday Club Give-a-Way. We are wanting to get more interaction and celebration of important milestones by giving small birthday treats to those who contact us with their birthday information. While we are small and growing, we are only doing this give-a-way once a month with plans on how to expand this as our company grows.

Doing more "From the Desk of AOM" posts to keep members informed on our team's interests and fun news about An Otter Milestone.

Growing volunteer events to hear about ideas and interests from you. This will help us tailor to your needs and make events even more enjoyable.

Our LONG-TERM Goals:

  • We are wanting to build a physical location to do community events (i.e. festivals, concerts, and hosting large group events)

  • Sponsor youth programs to support teamwork and a positive atmosphere

What we need to achieve our baby steps is to grow out, get more members. We want to listen to those who have ideas and help everyone looking for any type of function/event. If you have ideas, bring them as we enjoy the challenge and our interest is in helping others. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to bring our best and develop.

Looking Up,

Sherry L. Hintz

Owner & Founder

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